Government urges people to supplement their diet with vitamin C to combat covid

UK Government Urges Vitamin D Supplementation To Combat Covid

The UK’s Health Secretary Hancock has urged people to consume Vitamin D in the battle against Covid-19.


In his official statement, Matt Hancock spoke about the “impact of Vitamin D on the resistance and immunity” against Coronavirus.


He is also quoted as saying that he “will be increasing the public messaging around Vitamin D to make sure that people get the message that Vitamin D can help.” He also urges the nation “people should consider” supplementing with Vitamin D. This comes after studies found that over 80% of hospitalised Covid patience have a Vitamin D deficiency


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His also continued to say that groups deficient in Vitamin D and susceptible to Covid should be given free Vitamin D supplements urgently.


Research Professor of Queen Mary University of London Adrian Martineau is also reported to have claimed that there is “mounting evidence that Vitamin D might reduce the risk of respiratory infections.”



Researcher José Hernández at the University of Cantabria said “Vitamin D treatment should be recommended in Covid-19 patients with low levels of vitamin D circulating in the blood.”


Further tests are being carried out on the efficiency of Vitamin C on the resistance to Covid 19.


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